You can choose one of the following three ways to load the XML data into the XML Editor:

Input Box.This is the fastest way to load XML data. You just copy and paste your XML data directly into the Input Box and click the Submit button. The online XML Editor will be launched instantly.

Open File. You choose this way if you want the Online XML Editor to read the data from your local file system. Click the Open File button a standard browser file opener will be launched which allows you to navigate to the XML file you want to work on. After you have selected the file, click the Submit button.

By URL. You choose this way if the XML data resides on a web server. You can load virtually all kind static web pages. There is no restriction of the file type as long as the data is well formed. The online XML Editor works with some kind of dynamic web pages. The dynamic web page that requires cookies cannot be loaded into the XML Editor.

Save updated XML data. You will be able to save the updated XML data as a standard browser download file. You original XML file will not be altered in any way.

The XmlGrid is a cross-platform browser based data grid for editing or viewing XML documents. The XmlGrid runs on any web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. It is very easy to use XmlGrid to create, edit or view XML documents. You can select one of the three easy ways to load your XML data. The XmlGrid will parse your XML document into the XML Document Object Model (DOM), then displays the DOM node tree in a hierarchical data grid.

Main Features:

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