Convert XML To Excel Spreadsheet xls or CSV Text File

How to convert an XML file to a spreadsheet structure?

  • Step 1: load the XML file: You can click the Open File button to select your XML file from your computer or the By URL button to specify a link that points to the XML file that can be accessed on internet.
  • Step 2: click the Convert button, then a spreadsheet file will be displayed in the Output Box.
  • You can get a better view of the spreadsheet file, by clicking FullScreen button.

How an XML document is converted to a spreadsheet file?

The hierarchical XML data structure can be converted to a spreadsheet data structure of a book, sheets, rows and columns. In the conversion implemented by XmlGrid, the root or an arbitrary element is mapped to the book. Elements with child elements of the same element names or attributes are mapped to rows. The child elements of the row elements are mapped to columns.

When an XML document is loaded, XmlGrid searches the element tree and group the elements into sheets, rows and columns. The user can specify whether the whole or any part of the XML document needs to converted to spreadsheet. XmlGrid will create a spreadsheet book with one or many sheets, depending on the structure of the XML document.
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