View or Edit Excel, xls Spreadsheet Online

How to view/edit existing Excel spreadsheet files without MS Office software?

  • Step 1: Load spreadsheet file, you can either Open the Excel file from your local file system or get it from internet By URL;
  • Step 2: After the spreadsheet is loaded, it will be displayed in an XML Grid editor, you can delete unwanted columns or rows or change column names or values;
  • You can do another convertion by repeating Step 1 and Step2.

How to import text data into a spreadsheet?

XmlGrid allows you to import text data into a spreadsheet and save it as a Microsoft Office Excel file either xls or xlsx. XmlGrid can take two commonly used text file formats:

  • tab delimited text files (.txt), in which the TAB character (ASCII character code 009) separates each field of text;
  • comma separated values text files (.csv), in which the comma character (,) separates each field of text.
Follow these easy steps to import text data:
  • open a new blank spreadsheet;
  • copy your text data and paste it to any blank cell;
  • move the cursor to another cell and make a left mouse click.
You will see the text data is automatically populated into the spreadsheet. You can save it as an xls or xlsx file.